The FAQ's

How many attendees are at each shoot out?

We try to keep it to 20 or under. We split our big group into 3 smaller groups with one host each.

How long do you have at each styled station?

Each group has 30 minutes at each "station".

Who do I need to tag on social media?

There are a lot of people, vendors and moving parts that go into putting on a shoot out. We ask that you give credit to everyone involved in making the images you've taken. Please tag ALL the vendors, models and the Shoot Out page @sonomacountyshootouts.

Who poses the models?

The host will start each model in a pose and then if comfortable, each attendee can pose the couple one at a time. You can continue to shoot each pose, we just ask that you are respectful and let everyone get the shots they came for.

Can I publish my images or submit into contests?

Most submissions won't accept images that were taken at any shoot out. You can try but we do ask that you tag us in any social media posting.

Can I edit my photos?

Yes! They are your images to do with what you want!

Are tickets refundable?

Unfortunately we cannot refund you if you cannot make the shoot out. You can sell your ticket or message us privately and we can try to help on our end too.

Are attendees required to give images to the vendors?

No, you are not required but we don't see why you wouldn't! Networking and getting your name out there is key in the wedding business. Vendors will help share your name if they have contact to post from you!